Bronx Museum of the Arts looking for Teacher's Assistant with proficient Scratch programming skills and teaching experience to work with 7th graders

The Bronx Museum of the Arts is looking for a Teacher's Assistant with proficient Scratch programming skills and some teaching experience to work with 7th graders as part of our in-school partnership with a local Middle School in the Bronx.

In this particular partnership, 7th graders learn basic gaming concepts while exploring contemporary art.  We will be learning game mechanics by creating digital games with Scratch.

As a group we will look at social interventions as catalyst for change through art, design, activism and interactive storytelling. We will introduce game design (both digital and physical games) as a way to tell a story and challenge users. The TA will work with our lead instructor, supporting students as they create their games.


CTC professor Erin Riley to teach digital fabrication course inspired by computational thinking

Fall 2018 Studio In Creative Tech

A&HA5128 | CRN 31745

Mondays 4:10-6:50PM

Bring digital to form through the use of high-tech tools for creation. Facilitated by an instructor with extensive background in maker-education. Workshops in 2D and 3D design and fabrication along with pop-up workshops in micro-controllers and electronics. Interested students have an opportunity to have their work featured in an art exhibition in early January. 

Please contact instructor Erin Riley( for more information. 

Riley CTC Advert RESIZE.jpg

CTC professor Marisa Jahn launches new design course allowing Columbia, TC, and New School students to collaborate in one class

Inquiry-Based Art and Design:

Design 4 This Century (D4TC)

Fall A&H 5125-001 | CRN 31746 | 2 pts



Marisa Morán Jahn (MIT, Teacher’s College, The New School)

Richard Jochum (Teacher’s College)

Melanie Crean (The New School)

A new seminar for graduate students at Columbia University, Teachers College, and The New School.

In addition to lectures and readings, course assignments include creating a manifesto and ‘recipe’ that re-envisions how we teach, learn, and make. Guest speakers include contemporary designers, artists, interactive media producers, emerging media practitioners, data nerds, activists, and urbanists addressing key questions about potential roles of art, design and technology today. Keywords: identity and representation; codesign and participatory media; the politics of data; environmental disruption; and global migration.


09/20 Alice Sheppard

09/27 Amelia Winger-Bearskin

10/04 Ram Devineni

10/18 Ariel Kennan

11/01 Stephanie Wakefield

11/08 Lina Srivastava

12/06 Paul Falzone


All Lectures Free & Open to the Public:

Thursday (12:10-1:30 pm) starting Aug 30th, 2018

Location: The New School (63 Fifth Ave at 13th St, L104)

Lectures also available online via Canvas


Saturday Seminars: 10 am - 12:30 pm

Sept 15, Oct 13, Nov 10th

Location: Teachers College, Macy 55 (Thingspace)

Questions? or


NYC FIRST recruiting for teachers

NYC FIRST is opening a new STEM Center in Washington Heights. 

We are currently recruiting for the lead teacher position. 

The position includes setting up a MakerSpace, regular maintenance of machinery and teaching classes to high school students and to the community. 

If you are interested in the position please send over a CV and a cover letter. 


Contact Information: 

 Anne Goodfriend, STEM Center Program Manager

Talya Stein, STEM Center Program Manager



Portfolio School seeking k5 Digital Fabrication and Computational Thinking Teacher, Full-Time

Portfolio School

Digital Fabrication and Computational Thinking Teacher, Full-Time

We’re seeking passionate educators to join our team. We’re looking for teachers who are designers, teachers with a passion for personalizing learning for each and every student. Teachers who model a growth mindset for students. Teachers who are their best when being creative and working in a collaborative learning and working environment. If this is you, we would love to hear from you!

See more about the position here.

Digital Fabrication and Computational Thinking Teacher

Start Date: July 2018

Full-Time but open to Part-Time

We’re seeking a passionate and experienced educator to join our team. We are a startup, where it’s vital that every member of our team shares a “roll-up-your-sleeves-do-whatever-is-needed” attitude.



  • 2+ years of recent classroom teaching experience
  • Undergraduate or graduate degree in education
  • Experience in Digital Fabrication + Computational thinking
  • Facility with making and FAB Lab technologies and software (programing, robotics, lasercutting, 3D printing, Adobe, Corel Draw, etc)
  • Experience designing and implementing hands-on, child-centered learning
  • Must thrive in a collaborative environment especially when it comes to teaching and planning
  • Belief in technology as a medium to learn and create
  • Passion for working with and engaging children in student-driven learning experiences
  • Passion for innovation in education and an entrepreneurial mindset
  • A growth mindset and a drive to foster children’s social emotional capabilities



  • Experience in Design thinking or co-designing with students
  • Experience in Reggio, Montessori approaches


Job Responsibilities:

  • Design experiential, project-based learning activities for a mixed-age class (with support and input of the other core Portfolio team members)
  • Curate individual learning activities based on each student’s abilities, needs, and learning style
  • Determine students’ academic and social emotional learning objectives and ensure that they’re met
  • Create and/or implement emergent and academically rigorous curriculum in diverse settings for a mixed age classroom
  • Communicate learning targets and outcomes to colleagues, parents, and students on a regular basis



  • Competitive compensation commensurate with experience
  • Health, dental, and vision benefits
  • Reduced tuition benefit


To Apply:

Click HERE to submit cover letter, resume, personal statement and list of 5 references.

Please email if you have any questions.

Girl Scouts of Greater New York looking for filmmaking + coding instructor

Girl Scouts of Greater New York

Position Objective

The Girl Scouts of Greater New York (GSGNY) is seeking committed, enthusiastic instructors to teach in a coding program, using a fun, interesting curriculum that taps the interest of middle school girls in New York City.

We are looking for instructors who can demonstrate professionalism and consistency, while also relating to, coaching, and inspiring girls as they embrace and undertake building STEM and other new skills.

This position assists in instruction alongside another instructor; co-teaching during camps designed to provide an intensive, engaging week-long deep-dive into coding+ filmmaking + leadership skills, beginning Summer 2018.


“Breaking the Code” Coding Program Instructor

  • Work with another GSGNY instructor to deliver a high-quality coding curriculum that combines online and offline elements in underserved schools and afterschool programs across New York City. Training, curriculum, and materials will be provided by Program department staff, and program development partners.
  • Adapt teaching to a wide variety of informal environments; preparing the learning environment, lessons, and necessary supplies for activities.
  • Lead field trips, coordinate guest speakers, and oversee events as scheduled per camp.
  • Provide quality customer service to parents/guardians, troop leaders, and staff.
  • Assume responsibility for and follow protocol to supervise students until pickup by designated parent/guardian and/or troop leader.
  • Maintain regular communication with and support administrative staff with program logistics.
  • Support the completion of evaluation and assessment procedures: accurate and timely program and attendance tracking and providing reports as necessary to Program leadership.


  • Training: June and/or July – Time/days TBD
  • July Camp: Monday, July 16 – Friday, July 20; 9am-5pm
  • August Camp: Monday, August 13 – Friday, August 16; 9am-5pm

Contact/ send resume to:

Tomika Rodriguez <>

CTC student Nicholas Sadnytzky completes high fidelity 3D model of Macy Gallery

CTC student Nicholas Sadnytzky completes high fidelity 3D model of Macy Gallery

CTC student Nicholas Sadnytzky recently finished a 6-month long project that measures the dimension of our student gallery space - Macy Gallery, and recreating high fidelity 3D renderings in details. Nicholas has extensive experience with 3D Modeling in both commercial and educational capacity, and is a certified 3D trainer by rhino3d, a used 3D modeling software widely adopted by industrial designers, fabricators and makers, and digital artists.

Artist Statement:

When I was asked to create a digital model of the Macy Gallery at Teachers College Columbia University, I was very excited to accept this endeavor. There was a condition to this project – I had to use a free CAD program. This restraint was to show that you could model a room (in this instance a gallery) precisely and this method was translatable to the classroom. So, the CAD modeler that I chose was SketchUp 2016. I also accompanied the modeler with another modeler – Rhinoceros 3D. Why I decided to take this path was because I am fluent in Rhinoceros 3D and I knew, no matter the complexity of the room, I would be able to do precise modeling with ease. After receiving the blueprints, my father and I measured a couple of walls to see if the blueprints were correct. Unfortunately, the blueprints were not correct (expect for one wall). During the 2016 winter break my father and I measured the entire gallery. Then I proceeded modeling the gallery twice, once in Rhinoceros 3D and again in SketchUp. You may be thinking, why didn’t I just simply export the model out of Rhinoceros 3D into a SketchUp format? Yes, that would have been the easiest method but I wanted to show that you could model anything precisely in a free CAD program like SketchUp. The final rendering was done in the default Rhinoceros 3D renderer and the animation was done in Bongo. Overall, it was a very fun project.


Rendered Images

Macy Gallery Digital Model_Scene One Sequence_000.JPG
Sneak Peek 7.jpg
Sneak Peek 1.jpg
Macy Gallery Video_Sequence 02_000.JPG
Macy Gallery Video_Sequence 04_000.JPG

Hypothekids seeking for summer STEAM session leader

Based in Harlem New York, Hypothekids provides underserved students with hands-on science and engineering educational and mentorship experiences such that they can thrive in the high tech economy of tomorrow. Currently, Hypothekids is hiring in the following areas: 


Elementary Curriculum Director:


Summer Steam session leader:

Teachers College Eggplant Game Research Lab invite you to play and make games

Through an understanding of play, the CMLTD Games Research Lab seeks to gain knowledge of human cognition, collaboration, media effects, modern culture, creativity, improvisation and other factors within games that have implications for education. Faculty and students involved with the Games Research Lab have broad-ranging interests, and the lab has resources allowing the study of video games, traditional board and card games, role-playing games, games for teaching and learning, "serious" games, media literacy, the psychology of games, and related topics.

In addition to research, the lab (informally known as the EGGPLANT Lab, for Educational Games Group: Play, Language, Avatars, Narrative, and Technology) serves as an internal resource on games. The lab focuses on helping faculty and students discover the richness of game-based play, with a particular emphasis on introducing non-gamers to games beyond the mainstream.

As a part of Teachers College, Columbia University, the Games Research Lab was founded in Fall 2004 and is housed in the Program of Communication, Media and Learning Technologies Design. At present, students from CMLTD and other Departments (such as the Department of Human Development) are active users of the lab.

The Games Research Lab is open to Teachers College, Columbia University students and practicing researchers in the field. 


More info and open lab time:

Current selection of video and cardboard game you can play:

Hudson Lab School looking for K5 level summer maker session leaders

Please see link below for more details:

What's Hudson Lab School?

"At Hudson Lab School, we teach life skills. 
Our goal for our students is to create a life they love. "

Hi, I'm Cate, the founder of Hudson Lab School. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us!

At Hudson Lab School, we're not just teaching school readiness skills. Our goal for our students extends way beyond college admissions. At Hudson Lab School, we're teaching life skills. Our ambition for our students is to create a life they love. By empowering children to trust themselves to figure out what they want and teaching them the process to figure out how to create it, they will have what it takes to lead a well-lived, joyful life. From co-designing their own curriculum, our students will graduate on to designing their own futures. They will have the creativity and courage to take daunting risks, they will grow stronger from life's inevitable failures, and they will endeavor to shape their world through marvelous adventures.

Hudson Lab School is opening at a time when education is at an exciting crossroads. For the first time, top colleges and universities are acknowledging the importance of students' creativity by assessing their portfolios of work collected throughout their high school years. Now students will be forced to think more deeply about what they are learning or accomplishing in school. This admissions process reform will reduce the focus on test scores, and the trickle down effect to secondary and primary schools will be transformative... eventually. (As the education system hasn't changed terribly much since it was first developed in 1893, we should not hold our breath for this transformation to happen.) So not only will Hudson Lab School students have an early start on the path of self-discovery, their portfolios of work—into which they will have poured their passions, hard work and creativity—will also be valued by colleges and universities.

Hudson Lab School opened as a single, mixed-age classroom for children grades K-4 in Fall 2017. We are currently accepting applications for K-5 for the 2018-2019 school year and have plans to expand through eighth grade in subsequent years. Please come visit us and see why our students love learning at Hudson Lab School.

DOE CS4All Creative Computing partners looking for instructors

Over the next 10 years, the Department Of Education will train nearly 5,000 teachers who will bring CS education to the city’s about 1.1 million public school students. Through CS4All initiative, NYC students will learn to think with the computer, instead of using computers to simply convey their thinking. Students will learn computational thinking, problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking. They will also learn to collaborate and build relationships with peers, communicate and create with technologies, and to better understand technologies we interact with daily. 

Below is a list of Creative Coding companies that CS4ALL initiative has selected to partner with to train K12 educators. They frequently hire interns and full-time employees to lead creative coding lessons. Watch out for their job offers. 

SFPC Code Societies call for students

Please visit this link for details:


About SFPC

The school for poetic computation is organized around exploring the creative and expressive nature of computational approaches to art and design. The school approaches writing code like creative writing — focusing on the mechanics of programming, the demystification of tools, and hacking the conventions of art-making with computation.

We value the craft necessary to realize an idea, recognizing that every writer needs space and time to hone their trade. Our school aims to provide a safe haven for you to get acquainted with the craft of coding at your own pace, make it your own, and investigate the space between creative process and craft. This takes conversations with colleagues and the right push at the right time.

The school aims to be more than a technical bootcamp. It is an opportunity to work intensively with a small group of students, faculty, and artists to explore questions about the poetics of computation. For us, computation is poetic when technology is used for critical thinking and aesthetic inquiry – a space where logic meets electricity (hardware), math meets language (software) and analytical thinking meets creative experimentation.

This is also a school for teaching. Every student who comes here will be asked to share their expertise with their classmates in the form of workshops and outreach.

The goal of the school is to promote completely strange, whimsical, and beautiful work – not the sorts of things useful for building a portfolio for finding a job, but the sort of things that will surprise and delight people and help you to keep creating without a job. However, employers tell us they appreciate this kind of work as well.

This is not a program to get a degree, there are large programs for that. This is not a program to go for vocational skills, there are programs for that. This is a program for self initiated learners who want to explore new possibilities. This is a program for thinkers in search of a community to realize greater dreams.

2018 Scratch Day looking for participants

2018 Scratch Day is looking for participants. Please visit the link below to find events near you.


What's Scratch? 

Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community. Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century. Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. It is provided free of charge. 


What's Scratch Day? 

Scratch Day is an offline community event that allows Scratch users to share knowledge and learning experience. 

NYC resistor offers more free crafts night, Arduino, CNC and knitting classes


NYC resistor recently added more free making classes and sessions. Please see their calendar for details:


What is NYC Resistor?

NYC Resistor – We Learn, Share, and Make things.

NYC Resistor is a hacker collective with a shared space located in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. We meet regularly to share knowledge, hack on projects together, and build community. If you’re interested in joining NYC Resistor, come to some of our public meetings (like the study group listed below) or join the NYC Resistor mailing list.

We are not equipped to accept visitors outside of our public nights. Please come to the public nights or email us to set up an appointment.

Founding Members
Bre Pettis – Instigator with video trigger finger
George Shammas – Breaks things to fix them.
Zach Smith – Rapid-prototyper and self-replicater.
Eric Skiff – Gameboy musician and crowd control.
Nick Bilton – Hardware and Frontend/CSS Ninja
Dave Clausen – Micro-hacker and structural engineer.
Raphael Abrams – Artist and keeper of the servos.
Diana Eng – Softronics.
Pat Gallagher – RPRT.

Contributing Members
NYC Resistor has roughly 20 or 30 active members at any given time.

Contact us:
contact [at] nycresistor [dot] com

Microcontroller Mailing List
Are you interested in learning more about microcontrollers and making
cool projects, or just staying in contact with the NYCR community?
The NYC Resistor Microcontroller Mailing List is a great
place to meet others with the same interest in microcontroller projects
and sharing our knowledge!

Governer's Island Art Fair looking for projects

2018 Governors Island Art Fair

Deadline: May 28, 2018 Fee (USD): $45.00

Deadline: May 28, 2018 Fee (USD): $45.00 For more info visit

"The Art Fair for the 99%" -New York Times

See the GIAF video -

Exhibit your art, your way, for free - in New York's Largest Independent Exhibition: Governors Island Art Fair. At GIAF, each artist is free to self-curate a full room of their work in the historic buildings on this picturesque, almost surreal, former military base in the middle of New York Harbor.

Every weekend in September since 2008, 4heads has brought GIAF to Governors Island, just minutes from Manhattan and Brooklyn by scenic ferry ride. GIAF grants single exhibition rooms to individual artists from around the globe. Every year, more than 50,000 viewers visit this extensive exhibit housed in the landmark structures of New York's favorite island get-away. GIAF is organized, produced, promoted, and installed entirely by working artists and volunteers. Participating exhibitors in GIAF are responsible for transporting, installing, and de-installing their own work. Artists are welcomed to attend the event as much as possible in order to communicate with art lovers and collectors, and to take advantage of the valuable contacts and relationships that form over the course of this series of weekends. Attendance is by no means required, but artists who accept the invitation to be on site, gain the most out of the experience and meet many collectors, curators and journalists.

GIAF is housed in and around the grand officers' homes on Governors Island and is run with a hearty, DIY spirit and a strong sense of community. We ask our exhibitors to be resourceful, professional, self-sufficient, and well-versed in installing their own work - or finding someone who is. We are a stable, grass-roots, artist-run non-profit and we look forward to seeing you there.

In the case of unforeseen circumstances, 4heads reserves the right to change the dates, venue, and name of the event.

New Museum seeking tech and facility manager


HOURS: Full Time, exempt

Experience: 3-5 Years Experience

NEW INC is the first museum-led incubator for cultural practitioners and creative entrepreneurs working at the intersection of art, design and technology. Founded by the New Museum in 2014 and now in its fourth year of operations, NEW INC offers a shared workspace and professional development program designed to support an interdisciplinary community of 100 creatives as they investigate new ideas and develop sustainable business models.

The Tech & Facilities Manager is a dynamic, hands-on role overseeing NEW INC’s 4,000 sq. ft. maker space, its fabrication and A/V equipment, and 8,000 sq. ft. coworking facility. We are seeking a talented, energetic and creative technologist with a strong grasp of both digital fabrication tools (software and hardware) and a working knowledge of common A/V and IT technology and best practices. The position will report to NEW INC’s Director and be responsible for the development, upkeep, and maintenance of all tech equipment, as well as maintaining and enforcing safety protocols, leading equipment trainings, assisting members with troubleshooting and technical issues, purchasing supplies and materials, and liaising with vendors or contractors.

We are looking to grow our fabrication resources and technology expertise and this position will play a pivotal role in helping to define opportunities for growth and development of our maker space, assisting the Director in pursuing partnerships with equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and other fabrication shops in New York City.

The position requires a candidate with meticulous organizational skills and attention to detail, excellent problem-solving skills, an efficient and systems-oriented work style, and great customer service. A keen ability to pick up new skills and technical competencies and a passion for teaching and helping others is paramount. The ideal candidate will be a proactive self-starter able to juggle several projects and tasks simultaneously, propose opportunities for improvement and systems optimization, and anticipate problems before they arise.



• Oversees all daily facilities operations including cleanliness, repairs, security accessibility, and IT, working with the Head of Operations and relevant New Museum departments to address any larger adjustments or concerns on a rolling basis. This includes but is not limited to: Wi-Fi and accessibility, hardware, maintenance, replenishment of supplies, and space additions.

• Oversees the maintenance, access, and safe usage of all digital, fabrication and A/V equipment at NEW INC including: 3D printers, laser cutter, desktop CNC, SLR cameras, large format printers, projectors, computers, associated software and any other equipment that may be added in the future.

• Develops and leads equipment training programs and workshops.

• Supports NEW INC staff and community members with any technical troubleshooting on digital or fabrication equipment, as well as standard IT questions that may arise, such as Wi-Fi connectivity or printer set-up.

• Maintains a well-organized inventory of all accompanying supplies, cables, materials, tools, files, data, or other relevant material associated with the productive use of equipment and facilities.

• Supports technology needs for all NEW INC events, including professional development seminars, workshops, Demo Day, public programs and conferences, and off-site retreat.

• Manages maintenance contracts, maintenance routines and maintenance best practices for all equipment.

• Works with the Director to identify potential equipment partners or sponsors to increase or update existing equipment resources.


• At minimum must hold a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience in a related industry.

• 3-5 years professional experience as a studio manager, fabrication assistant, shop manager, IT, architect or product designer, art handler, or other relevant industry.

• Proficiency in Operating Systems like Windows, Mac & Unix, design software (Rhino, Grasshopper, AutoCAD, etc.), and programming languages is desirable.

• Experience with any of the following fabrication technologies: 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Laser Cutting, CNC Routing, Electronics, Molding and casting is desirable.

• Knowledge of safe work practices for digital fabrication and OSHA Safe Operating Guidelines.

• Must have a commitment to high standards of execution while meeting deadlines and juggling several tasks simultaneously.

• Excellent verbal, written and communication skills, as well as a passion for teaching and helping others.

• Resilient, hands-on and pro-active.

• Results oriented, able to understand job requirements and provide solutions under budgetary constraints.

• Self-motivated, able to work independently, manage time and hit deadlines with calmness under pressure.

• Nimble, comfortable and excited to work in a fast-paced, growth-oriented organizational setting.

• Strong interpersonal skills and a customer service mentality oriented towards helping our community members in a timely and friendly manner.

There are many exciting benefits to working at the New Museum, one of the most cutting-edge contemporary art institutions in the world. Staff are encouraged to attend events and public programs at the Museum and receive free entry to other museums in New York City and all over the world. In addition, the New Museum offers a nimble, growth-oriented, and collaborative work environment, as well as a competitive salary and benefits package.

NEW INC, the Museum’s newest program, is establishing a new model for museums and cultural institutions as the first-ever museum-led incubator. This role offers the successful candidate an opportunity to join NEW INC’s tight-knit team and help build, shape and grow an important and influential program that is charting a new course for cultural impact in the rapidly evolving space of contemporary culture, technological innovation, and the new economy.

Please send resume and a letter of interest, and salary requirements to

Announcing Art-A-Hack™ Special Edition 2018 open call

Announcing Art-A-Hack™ Special Edition 2018 

Art-A-Hack™ Special Edition 2018 is a themed collaborative creation between groups of artists/engineers, designers/makers, or whatever combination arises based on your project proposals. The two themes explored in this Special Edition are:

  • Climate Change: Data & Disinformation
  • Emotionally Intelligent Artificial Intelligence & Brain Computer Interfaces

Read the Open Call below for more detail on the themes and on the summer program we have lined up. Previous years of Art-A-Hack included inventions, installations, collaborations and performances — learn about previous projects here, or watch our summation video for inspiration.

Open Call

Here’s the deal: We are seeking coders, artists, scientists, makers and dreamers to form short-term teams that will meet over four Saturdays between June 9 and July 7 (with a break for the July 4th holiday), and a final presentation at CUNY City Tech in downtown Brooklyn on July 13th.
We will provide space, equipment, facilitation and advice, and a stellar showcase opportunity at the amazing City Tech theater. During four weekends we will co-create on site at ThoughtWorks, Floor 15, 99 Madison Ave between E. 29 and E. 30th Street, New York 10016. There will be a pre-event social on June 7.


How to apply

To apply, fill out the application now for this special dual themed Art-A-Hack. Please consider how your application might support or lead in one of our two themes, outlined below.

Describe a project idea you want to try, the technologies you’d like to get into, and/or the skills you have to contribute to an already existing project. If you are an artist and do not have tech skills, that is OK. Conversely, if you are a programmer and don’t have any compelling ideas, that is OK as well.

If you have any special equipment you would like to contribute, we welcome you to tell us. When we receive your applications, we will match you up with others to help you achieve your ambitions.

Each year we group people together around the most compelling proposals. This means your specific idea may not be selected, in which case we will try to find you a team and a project which matches your skills and interests. This is an ad-hoc process, and we can’t always match everybody to teams, but we work hard to create aligned teams and have had great results from this process in the past.


Themed Areas

1) Climate Change: Data & Disinformation

How can data make climate change less abstract? Scientists warn that drastic and immediate action is necessary to avoid catastrophe. Studies show that most people support bold climate action, but don’t place it as high on their list as near-term concerns, like jobs, healthcare and schooling. This themed area of Art-A-Hack™ Special Edition is tasked with exploring how climate data and its representations can move from abstraction to urgency.

2) Emotionally Intelligent Artificial Intelligence and Brain Computer Interfaces

Emotionally Intelligent Artificial Intelligence like IBM Watson and Google APIs are primarily text based. Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) deploy EEG signal readings to assess different brainwave states. This themed area of Art-A-Hack™ Special Edition is tasked with exploring the relationship of these two seemingly disparate systems to make the biophysical interact with the algorithmic.

Dates for your calendar

Here’s a list of scheduled dates to mark off in your calendars. Please make sure if you are going to apply that you are available for all of the listed dates!

  • May 8 (midnight)— Deadline for applications
  • June 7 (6pm-9pm)— Pre-event Social
  • June 9 (10am-6pm)— Co-creation Day 1
  • June 16 (10am-6pm)— Co-creation Day 2
  • June 23 (10am-6pm)— Co-creation Day 3
  • July 7 (10am-6pm)— Co-creation Day 4
  • July 13 (6pm-10pm)— Presentation at City Tech, 300 Jay Street, Brooklyn


Equipment available

Note: More is potentially available on request.

Virtual Reality

  • Oculus Rifts (Development and Consumer versions)
  • Full HTC Vive setup
  • Powerful VR computers with Unity3D

Video & 3D Video

  • GoPro-based 3D video rig
  • GoPros RGBDToolkit (for Xtion, Kinect 1)
  • DepthKit (for Kinect 2)
  • Webcams

Brain-Computer Interface

  • Muse Headset
  • Emotiv EPOC+ with EEG data
  • OpenBCI

Body Interface

  • Leap Motion
  • Kinect 1, Kinect 2
  • Myo Armband
  • Intel SR-300 RealSense Camera
  • More on request


  • A drone!


  • Raspberry Pi 1, 2, 3 & variants
  • LittleBits Arduino (LilyPad, Uno, etc)
  • BeagleBone Studio with soldering facilities
  • Various shields, sensors, actuators, components (we can order more if required)

Presentation Facilities

  • Projectors
  • Touchscreen monitor
  • PA/Sound system

This is just a partial list, and we will be adding more equipment before the start of Art-A-Hack.