CTC faculty Erin Riley's writing featured by Stanford Fablearn

CTC faculty Erin Riley's writing featured by Stanford Fablearn

CTC faculty Erin Riley's article, Where Art and Design Education Meets MakerEd was recently featured by Stanford Fablearn. The FabLearn Fellows program is part of a larger project sponsored by the National Science Foundation entitled “Infusing Learning Sciences Research into Digital Fabrication in Education and the Makers’ Movement.” 

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CTC faculty Richard Jochum exhibiting at Elizabeth Foundation of the Arts

CTC faculty Richard Jochum exhibiting at Elizabeth Foundation of the Arts

CTC faculty Richard Jochum recently exhibited his work Protest Club at the Elizabeth Foundation of the Arts.


Protest Club

Group Exhibition International Partnerships

Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts

March 6 - June, 2018. Opening: April 25, 6-8 PM

Curated by Natalia Nakazawa

More info about EFA


CTC student Zhenzhen Qi exhibiting at Asia Art Archive

CTC student Zhenzhen Qi exhibiting at Asia Art Archive

CTC student Zhenzhen Qi recently exhibited her computational collaboration project at Asia Art Archive America.

Artist Statement:

Making an art game is like daydreaming - one that we can go back to over and over again. Game Objects are external manifestations of creators’ spirits. When their creators are tied up with the reality of life, these tiny things awake in the wondrous space of “grandeur” (Gustave Bachelard, 1948) created through the imagination of their creators. They twist, turn, wiggle, roll around. On a sunny day, they wonder into the deep land, make a friend, sing a song(more like make a sound to their creators) by the river. Gently, they bring together heaven and earth, and opens us the future of reality.

ThingThingThing is an experimental collaboration between Asia Art Archive and artist duo ZZYW, formed by Yang Wang and Zhenzhen Qi. A group of participants and the organizers will spend two fun and action packed days in AAA’s lovely Brooklyn Heights office, learning fundamentals of video game development, and make a collective art game along the way. At the end of the two days, the result is a film that generates it own plots in real time, composed by all participants using Unity, a video game development platform and C# as the programming language.



Zhenzhen PrinceZ
Yang Elo & Dummy
Jingling JZ & JZPig
Evian Cloud Cloud & Sheep_Mushy
Sara Margarita & Tomas
JHMun Chicken

For more information, please visit http://zhenzhenqi.com/thingthingthing



CTC student Avery Forbes exhibiting at EdLab

CTC student Avery Forbes exhibiting at EdLab

CTC student Avery Forbes recently exhibited her interactive installation potusvirus at EdLab.

Artist Statement: 

I built this device to be patient zero for a virus. I am working on a simpler analog design that may be easier to spread. The machine is simply a means for generating the real work: the tweets. Tap the button as many times as you want to generate a series of words. Write them down. Post them. Spread the virus. Defeat ignorance with nonsense.

For more information, please visit  http://www.averyforbes.com/#/potusvirus/



CTC student Trisha Barton presenting at DiRP Conference

CTC student Trisha Barton presenting at DiRP Conference

CTC student Trisha Barton presented her interactive art installation, Eye Scream and facilitated discussions at the 2018 DiRP Conference. 

Artist Statement: 

This project focuses on raising mental health awareness in the Black community, delivered through an Afrofuturistic lens using the concept of phototherapy. Eye Scream is an art piece, and device, that takes the concept of light therapy and applies it to neopixels that react based on amplitude.  When you sing or talk to it, it lights up.  The lighting up follows the concept of displaying light to increase serotonin production, similar to how the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) lamps work.  But unlike the SAD lamp, Eye Scream tiesinto black culture through its light responding to sound.  Since movement and discussion are some of the ways people in the black community cope with their ailments, Eye Scream encourages community discussion, talking and singing.

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Amplify (Ed-Tech) is Hiring

We’re growing quickly at Amplify, and we are looking for great people to join us! 

In particular, we’re looking for Account Managers, Product Managers, Project Managers, Engineers, Professional Development Trainers/Coaches. We have senior and more junior positions available, and we are looking for people to work in roles across the country!  If you want to support teachers and students and want to make our schools great places to teach - and thrilling places to learn, then please be in touch.  

See positions and apply at the link below. 

Amplify Careers

Architectronics looking for partners

Architectronics, Inc. is an EdTech and invention company located in Manhattan which focuses on STEM education.  We are developing and launching a number of new products, and continuing to sell products we have created. www.makesense.co

We are looking for partners to help launch several exciting new products via Kickstarter.

.If interested, please contact Stephen Lewis,  steve@architectronics.com

Architectronics is an active long-established business, developing hardware and software, and selling products, since incorporating in 1986.  Covering a wide variety of creative and innovative endeavors over the years, Architectronics has developed children’s books, films for Sesame Street, CAD software user interfaces, ultrasonic measuring devices, unique animation engines, interactive storefronts, and many others.  We hold two patents and several trademarks.

Our most current projects include sensor interface boards and sensor sets for STEM education, programmable robots, interactive software for classrooms, museum exhibits, and a number of offbeat digital art projects.


G4C Festival looking for volunteers

Every year, the G4C Festival unites more than 1,000 people from the games, tech, education, and non-profit sector to collaborate and drive real world change. Notable speakers from previous years include Aldis Sipolins (IBM), Alan Lewis (Take-Two Interactive), Luc St-Onge (Ubisoft), Mia Tramz (TIME Magazine), Craig Hagen (EA), and many more!


G4C is looking for volunteers for the 15th annual Games for Change Festival, taking place June 28th – June 30th at the Parsons School of Design at The New School in New York City.


G4C relies on the support of volunteers to help bring the Festival to life. In exchange for their assistance, volunteers are invited to attend part of the Festival, where they will hear from experts, share and explore groundbreaking ideas, and experience new impact games.


For more information about the Festival, please visit our website.


Volunteer registration is OPEN NOW and available at the following link: http://bit.ly/g4c18volunteers

Bronx Museum of the Arts is looking for a Teacher's Assistant

The Bronx Museum of the Arts is looking for a Teacher's Assistant with proficient computer skills and some teaching experience to work with 7th graders as part of our in-school partnership with a local Middle School.

The theme of this particular partnership is gaming. Students learn basic gaming concepts while exploring contemporary art. 7th graders will be learning game mechanics by creating digital games. The TA would work with our lead instructor, supporting students as they create their games. 

We can offer the TA $50 per session and there will be 11 sessions (45min each). Sessions begin in early October. We do not have the final schedule but the sessions should run until mid-December. 

I am happy to answer any questions you might have regarding this opportunity and please feel free to pass this information along to your colleagues.

Please respond to: heatherd10@gmail.com