Artistic Statement from Ms. Yuan:

I’ve become more confident in believing my creative process as an epitome of my philosophical inquiries into life.

My passion project is my creative endeavor to explore my artistic voice in the realm of creative technologies. Coming from the field of contemporary craft, I have strong emotional response to the conflict between handicraft vs. technology as a means for self-expression and meaning-making. My training in visual studies and art criticism made me highly cautious of the philosophical implication of using technology to create artwork. I don’t think I’ve reconciled the conflicts yet, but I’ve had a great start in asking myself this important question — What does it mean to integrate technology into my art practice?

I used P5 javascript in my project. You are welcome to interact with the artwork itself. The movement of elements in this work are interdependent on each other. What you see in the abstract representation of this work is the story you co-create with the work.

Visual Documentation of My Final Work