The Thingspace is a large, multidisciplinary art studio combining a digital fab lab with traditional art making, including wood and metal shops. The still expanding makerspace is designed to foster the research, education, and practice interests of current and future art professionals.  As a result, students, staff, and faculty can use a wide mix of traditional and digital tools to experiment and explore three-dimensional aesthetic, interactive, or consumer objects, materials, and ideas.  The three core media foci of the studio are new media electronics, 3-D digital fabrication, and sculpture.

Macy Hall 55, Teachers College, Columbia University




The Myers Media Art Studio is a project of the Program in Art and Art Education. Its mission is to explore emerging media art practice and its implications for art education, both within and outside of schools. It aims to create a space for imaginative media play and invention. The studio is equipped with Adobe Creative Suite, Processing, Unity, 3D Scanners, Xbox Kinect Motion Tracker, VR headset, DSLR Cameras, iPads, Tripot and more, all available for CTC and Art Education students to check out. 

Thorndike 51C, Teachers College, Columbia University



Macy Gallery.jpeg

The Macy Art Gallery is one of the few spaces at Teachers College still in its original use. The Gallery presents a wide range of exhibitions by national and international artists, graduate students, faculty members and alumni, as well as the finest examples of artworks by children of all ages. The year-round exhibition schedule reflects the commitment of Teachers College to cultural diversity in education and the visual arts. Starting from 2013, Macy Gallery has hosted various new media art exhibitions showcasing software and hardware based artwork. The gallery contains 1,377 square feet of floor space and 1,633 square feet of wall space. It is open Monday through Friday 11:00 AM until 6:00 PM, and by appointment. Special arrangements can be made for groups to visit the Gallery and participate in our ongoing Artists' Talks and Lectures. In addition, gallery receptions are open to the public.

Macy Hall 4th floor, Teachers College, Columbia University