CTC student Mengyu Li completed an interactive installation in CTC course -  New Media New Form. Based on this artwork, she has won a business competition at Columbia University to produce an interactive pop-up museum exhibition in Beijing in summer 2018. Please see below for documentation about this project:



From the artist: 

The installation defaults to a still image of a calm face, but as viewers walk toward it, the Kinect detects their movement and flashes a “hidden” face showing different emotions that change depending on the position of the viewers. In this work, I turn my attention into creating a connection with the public. The interactivity of this installation engages public with my art to create an art experience that viewer can feel their own contribution to the art. In addition, this work reveals the suppressed emotions. People in western culture tend to see sensitivity as a negative thing and sometimes link it to vulnerability. As a result, many people try to suppress their emotions, especially in public. This social convention is so deeply routed one can even find it in the language routine. For example, when people greet “how are you”, it seems like the only legitimate response is “I’m fine/ I’m good/ I’m doing great.” It seems like we live in a culture where everything needs to be just fine. But are we always fine? This installation, through showing different hidden emotions in a public space, questions this social phenomenon.

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