CTC student Catherine Lan recently acted as the assistant curator for a series of art exhibitions at Metropolitan Pavilion NYC and other locations featuring contemporary Chinese artists and their works. Catherine is an MFA fine art student from Yale University. Her recently experience as a student of CTC inspired her to fuse recently available technology with her artistic practice. This has influenced her own art making, teaching, as well as her understanding about the contemporary art practice at large. This curatorial project reflects her recent interest in inquiring about the boundaries between art and technology, tradition and newness, physical and digital cultures. 


Curatorial Statement: 

New Youth:
China-America Young Artists

We live in a brand-new age which provides unparalleled opportunities for young people and unprecedented challenge to their self-awareness. Young artists are the future, and the speaker for the present. The reason is that they possess more information and a broader horizon, which requires them to make choices in this diverse and variable world.

“New Youth: China-America Young Artists Exhibition” demonstrates works by young artists cutting a figure in the contemporary art field recently. They are from various colleges and universities, and their works are quite different in terms of style and pattern. But such variation stands for the choices they have made in this brand-new and variable age. “New Youth” serves as a platform to present such choices in the art works to the whole world.


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