The WeeklyWeekly is a co-working, co-making and co-learning space that meet weekly at the fabrication lab of Brooklyn Research, in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It uses weekly meeting as a format to encourage people from different background to keep experimenting with passion projects using the language of new media and creative technology.

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In early 2018, The Weekly Weekly launched as an experiment to see if simply keeping pace with work, week-by-week, and sharing your progress was enough to keep you going. 

We learned that at monthly meetups, people could connect in person, get feedback towards their goals, and gather support where they needed, and got great support from Brooklyn Research and The Bosco for spaces.

We learned that by having a final goal of showing that work by years end, motivation changed from the experimenting weekly, to producing a final product that is ready for the world.

We produced a podcast to share your stories with the world, and learned how important great narrative serves to reach an audience beyond our community walls. 

Through this process, our work transformed from idea to reality, and our community grew. 

The lightbulb went!
This needs to be an INCUBATOR!!!
But... incubators have tons of money and resources, and we just have each other. 

Starting in 2019, The Weekly Weekly will focus our process as the “incuBETA”; a community driven beta project motivated to develop the processes and the resources to be a true, community driven art and tech incubator. 

Over the next year we’ll continue to produce the newsletter featuring your work and continue to host meetups where you can get the community support you need, but we’re setting a few extra goals. 

More events. We’re looking to give you more opportunities to show your work, and different kinds of work. 

More resources for your work. We’re going to be looking for grants and financial resources to make this process happen. 

We’re going to be more public. What good is this process if you can’t share it with the world? We’re going to push for more press around our events to get your work seen by the world. 

And we need you. We need you to believe that we can build a community driven incubator, that you can go from concept to reality with our help, and that you can help make it happen. 

If you believe in our community driven "incuBETA" please support us. 

2019 is going to be an exciting year, and the The Weekly Weekly “incuBETA” will be revolutionary. 
Please share this message with anyone you think would like to be part of the community, or who you think could contribute towards meeting our goals in 2019.