CTC student Nicholas Sadnytzky recently finished a 6-month long project that measures the dimension of our student gallery space - Macy Gallery, and recreating high fidelity 3D renderings in details. Nicholas has extensive experience with 3D Modeling in both commercial and educational capacity, and is a certified 3D trainer by rhino3d, a used 3D modeling software widely adopted by industrial designers, fabricators and makers, and digital artists.

Artist Statement:

When I was asked to create a digital model of the Macy Gallery at Teachers College Columbia University, I was very excited to accept this endeavor. There was a condition to this project – I had to use a free CAD program. This restraint was to show that you could model a room (in this instance a gallery) precisely and this method was translatable to the classroom. So, the CAD modeler that I chose was SketchUp 2016. I also accompanied the modeler with another modeler – Rhinoceros 3D. Why I decided to take this path was because I am fluent in Rhinoceros 3D and I knew, no matter the complexity of the room, I would be able to do precise modeling with ease. After receiving the blueprints, my father and I measured a couple of walls to see if the blueprints were correct. Unfortunately, the blueprints were not correct (expect for one wall). During the 2016 winter break my father and I measured the entire gallery. Then I proceeded modeling the gallery twice, once in Rhinoceros 3D and again in SketchUp. You may be thinking, why didn’t I just simply export the model out of Rhinoceros 3D into a SketchUp format? Yes, that would have been the easiest method but I wanted to show that you could model anything precisely in a free CAD program like SketchUp. The final rendering was done in the default Rhinoceros 3D renderer and the animation was done in Bongo. Overall, it was a very fun project.


Rendered Images

Macy Gallery Digital Model_Scene One Sequence_000.JPG
Sneak Peek 7.jpg
Sneak Peek 1.jpg
Macy Gallery Video_Sequence 02_000.JPG
Macy Gallery Video_Sequence 04_000.JPG