Upperline Summer Instructional Fellow:

This summer, learn coding for free, teach middle or highschoolers, and earn stipend!

Who are we?

Upperline Code is looking for Summer Instructional Fellows as it pursues its mission of empowering high school students and teachers to change the world with code. You’d be joining a small but quickly-growing organization that already has partnerships with Google, ScriptEd, Prep for Prep, and some of New York’s top high schools. We believe that technology has the ability to transform students’ lives and careers, and we are driven by the pressing need for high quality, rigorous and engaging computer science education. As demand for computer science and programming skills surges in the United States, the supply of candidates with these skills have not kept pace. Upperline Code aims to narrow the gap by training new and veteran computer science teachers this year, as part of its Summer Instructional Fellowship.

What is a Summer Instructional Fellow?

This summer, fellows will receive paid in-depth computer science training and support as they gain the technical and pedagogical skills to teach an introductory high school computer science course. We believe that the best way to learn a subject is to teach it - that’s why we’ve structured the fellowship into three steps:

  1. Learn to Code: You’ll receive online work and mentorship in preparation for your summer bootcamp. Topics will include HTML, CSS, Python, Javascript, React.js, data science, and more. (If you already know how to code, this online work will be adapted to your needs)

  2. Learn to Teach Code: You’ll spend one week with other teachers learning the pedagogy of computer science education, and be paired with a Lead Instructor for ongoing mentorship throughout the summer.

  3. Teach Code: Finally, you’ll work for 3 to 8 weeks teaching Upperline’s Summer Classes in New York City, while getting support and feedback from your Lead Instructor and the Upperline leadership team.

Fellows will earn a stipend of up to $800/week.

Who Are We Looking for?

Upperline fellows are passionate about learning to code, and about empowering students. They come from a diverse range of experiences and backgrounds, but generally they: :

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field OR have graduated from a coding bootcamp OR have at least two years of full-time experience teaching any subject with high school or middle school students.

  • Are passionate about learning Upperline’s curriculum in Ruby, HTML/CSS/Javascript, and Swift.

  • Are excited to develop their teaching craft and pedagogy.

  • Have a mindset that is highly reflective, and are extremely receptive to feedback.

  • Hold a strong belief in the capabilities of all students.

  • Are able to collaborate productively with a diverse team of individuals to produce incredible results.

Apply at upperlinecode.campbrainstaff.com. We look forward to reading your application.