Making an art game is like daydreaming - one that we can go back to over and over again. Game Objects are external manifestations of creators’ spirits. When their creators are tied up with the reality of life, these tiny things awake in the wondrous space of “grandeur” (Gustave Bachelard, 1948) created through the imagination of their creators.

In this workshop, participants will be supplied with 3D models that roughly refer to humans, animals, or objects. They will learn about creating materials, editing textures, as well as writing simple computer code to manipulate avatar location, movement, rotation, size, and interaction. At the end of the workshop, all avatars will be collected into a virtual 3D world. The result is a animatied film with its plots simulated computationally in realtime. ThingThingThing is a partnership between Creative Tech Week (CTW2018) and the Creative Technology Certificate (CTC) program at Teachers College, Columbia University. It is taught by CTC fellow Zhenzhen Qi.

No prior computational art background needed. Please bring a personal laptop.