On Collaboration:

Creative Technology Exhibition


June 18–July 19, 2018


Macy Art Gallery

Teachers College, Columbia University



More than half a century ago, a group of artists and technologists questioned the limitations of their disciplines. While envisioning radically different partnerships, they jointly contributed to the repertoire of a creative technology practice. Today, the dialogue between art and technology continues to challenge each other’s practices and beliefs, revealing unexpected modes of expression. The boundaries of individual spaces are shifting rapidly, calling upon us to enable and support each other in ways way we have not imagined before. On the other hand, with interactions increasingly mediated and augmented by complex interfaces, it’s not always apparent how to best uncover new vehicles for dialogue and exchange.


“On Collaboration” is an exhibition showcasing recent works of instructors, visiting artists, students and friends of the Creative Technology concentration in the Art and Art Education Program. Featured works explore the possibility of collaboration to revisit stale definitions, overcome divides, and transform communities into vibrant spaces for collective authorship and artistic creation. The exhibition will run in tandem with the Creative Technologies Symposium V, which takes place on July 19th from 1 pm - 6 pm. “On Collaboration” will be on display at Macy Gallery, Teachers College, Columbia University, from June 14 - July 19th, 2018, Mon - Fri, 10AM - 6PM. A public reception is planned for July 19th, 2018, from 5 - 7PM. Two interactive performances from the exhibiting artists will accompany the reception.


 Exhibiting artists (awaiting confirmation):

Exonemo, Xiao Quan, Lance Weiler, Dave Sheinkopf, Nadav Assor, Jie Qi, Zhenzhen Qi, Trisha Barton, Catherine Lan, Mengyu Li, Nadav Assor, Tommy Martinez, Marisa Jann, Irene Posch, Jaymes Dec, Irene Riley, Jie Qi.